✧★ Oh! You pretty things ★✧

My name is Kirsten and I am the maker at Lady Stardust. 
I rekindled my interest in sewing during the pandemic and after making hundreds of masks, decided to branch out into something more challenging and fulfilling.
I am a self-taught sewist and have learned the art of bag making from YouTube!  In addition to making bags, I am a burgeoning quilter and am dipping my toe further into the world of garment construction with more formalized training in 2024.
When not working on all things Stardust, I can be found either at my full-time job, training in showjumping with my horse Wink, and spending time with my husband and three doggos.  This year I will also be undertaking my Master's degree in Education.  A juggling act for sure!


Lady Stardust Handbags have arisen from a love of rock n' roll and vintage styles. Each bag is inspired by the fabrics themselves and the adventures that I envision them having with their owners.
Bags are handmade in my home studio in Esquimalt, surrounded by west coast vibes, music and front row magic.
I hope that you will enjoy your bag as much as I did making it.